SYPWAI's startup: everyone can learn artificial intelligence

The SYPWAI startup is one of the most promising projects in the development of artificial intelligence and neural network training, created by TheNeurosphere. The project was established on January 22, 2019. The founders and directors were well-known neural network experts Ngo Bao Chau and Abdigani Diriye. The platform completed the feature set testing stage very soon. And already in October 2020 it became available to the public

teams of Sypwai

One of the main startup investors was Lifeasapa, which specializes in research in the field of artificial intelligence, as well as in investing in promising startups related to technology development. The Lifeasapa always analyzes the submitted projects very carefully, since one of the aims of the investors is to obtain a profit from the sale of the startups’ products, services and developments. Investment amounts from the Lifeasapa range from several hundred to tens of millions of dollars.

In 2019, TheNeurosphere presented SYPWAI startup in a competition to receive investment from Lifeasapa. At that time, TheNeurosphere already had successful projects in its portfolio related to the neural networks study and development, machine training, and various recognition algorithms. But the most successful project was SYPWAI, which was related to artificial intelligence training. It helps to optimize business processes, resources, and reduce the amount of emissions. It advises how to select the best design, composition, dimensions and other product parameters. As a result of cooperation with SYPWAI, companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars and simultaneously improve the quality of services and products.

SYPWAI's goals

The global goal of SYPWAI’s developers is to improve the quality of life while simultaneously decreasing mankind’s carbon footprint. The project aims to increase efficiency in one or another sphere, improve ecology, provide people with affordable goods and services and business with profit. After all, without the last parameter it is impossible to achieve all the previous benefits.

The platform developers came to the conclusion that AI capabilities can already be effectively applied to solve these issues today. The results exceed expectations.

For example, with proper processes planning, power consumption can be reduced. This solution reduces costs and saves the environment at the same time. After all, green energy is almost never used to generate electricity. Most of it is produced by methods involving the burning of gas, coal and other resources.

Another example of the effective use of AI is in the prostheses production. The manufacturing company turned to SYPWAI for help. The proposed solutions simultaneously improved product quality and reduced production costs. The solutions were aimed at production optimization, as well as selection of optimal composition and quantity of materials.

The development of artificial intelligence will bring improvements in other areas as well. This may be robotization of production processes, development of reliable self-driving cars, construction of buildings and structures using 3D technologies, and much more. AI already helps to diagnose complex diseases in time, predict weather disasters, stock market quotes, perform complex statistical data analysis, identify bottlenecks in business processes and much more.

How it works and what do you need for start?

In order for artificial intelligence to be able to help in solving issues, it requires special training. In fact, it is necessary to fill large databases with information, and the larger the volume of information is, the higher the accuracy of the AI analysis will be.

new products from Sypwai

The information technology that is used in training requires large amounts of data markup. Someone has to indicate which information is correct and which is not. The SYPWAI project has solved this problem by collaborating with millions of people from around the world. You don’t have to be a programmer to join the project. Anyone can help in training and earn money at the same time.

To participate, you will need:

  1. A digital device. You can use any gadget: smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer.
  2. A special application. You need to download it, scan the QR code and wait for instructions.
  3. A desire to work and earn money.

All instructions, tests, tasks for work you will receive in a private app account on an encrypted data channel. Encryption is complex and reliable, it is impossible to intercept or replace data sets. The application code is also protected, you will not be able to make any edits to the application or the data on the device.

Artificial intelligence can be trained in several stages, and the first stage – the markup – can be performed by any adult, including students, housewives, young mothers. In some cases, you will need special knowledge in a wide variety of fields. You may be a doctor or an engineer, a biologist or a designer. Any of your professional knowledge and skills will be in demand at one time or another. Your knowledge and desire to bring the future closer with the SYPWAI project will benefit you.

What exactly you should do?

Machine training is a relatively simple process. You will solve certain tasks, similar to educational games for children. You will have to choose and specify the right one out of several options. For example, in the simplest tasks you will need to indicate from several pictures with animals and birds, which of them depicts an elephant.

More difficult tasks involve understanding a certain area of work or knowing certain information. A similar algorithm is used by Google and Yandex search engines to find out more information about local offline businesses. You may have already encountered requests from Google to leave a review of an establishment you visited. It’s one of the best-known services. But now companies have gone a step further. For example, the Task Mate app asks users to take a picture of a store, clarify or confirm opening hours, etc. In exchange for the information, the app awards bonuses that can be used on Google Play.

The SYPWAI project uses a similar principle of simple tasks, but with a slightly different goal. It is important not just to clarify information, but to help artificial intelligence to accumulate enough information in databases. In this way, machine training becomes a simple mass activity.

Each project participant has to undergo an IQ test and professional suitability in the subject for which he seeks to receive a task. Special knowledge is assessed higher. Tasks are given to a wide variety of people. The system then collects the answers and the one chosen by the majority is considered correct. If your answer turns out to be correct, a reward amount is credited in your personal account.

How to participate in the program

Now, neural network training on the SYPWAI platform is in test mode. The project is still developing, and although the beta test was successful, the final launch will be in the future. Therefore, at this stage, the developers tend to limit and control the number of participants in the program.

On the other hand, the AI training technologies chosen by SYPWAI require the processing of very large amounts of data, as well as the participation of people from different countries, speakers of different cultures, languages, and professions. Otherwise, it is impossible to fully train neural networks.

So even today, if you wish, you can help humanity to take another step closer to the future, and make money at the same time.

To join the program, you need to:

  1. Find out the contact details of the SYPWAI regional manager. There are more and more of them. So if you can't find them yet, don't be upset, just wait a little while.
  2. Get a personal referral link from the manager. He/she will also help you to register, give you all the necessary instructions, answer your questions.
  3. Install the application on your device according to the instructions, test it, and explore the earning possibilities.
  4. Start doing the tasks.

Remember that at the mass testing stage there might still be some bugs or crashes in the app. Participants of any testing are always notified about this, and here you will also have to be patient. This is the only way the developers will be able to detect flaws and fix them before the official mass release.

Unfortunately, the release date has not yet been disclosed. But the speed of the platform development lets us hope that very soon everyone will be able to earn with the help of SYPWAI project.